Sunday, June 5, 2011

Family of Four

We received a call from a family last month, wanting to schedule a photo shoot for their family of four. It had been a while since they had photos taken so they were very excited and so were we!

We started in the studio where Alex and Isabella got comfortable with the camera and the lights. Alex was a bit shy at first, not very talkative but cute nonetheless.

His expressions were priceless!

Isabella looked adorable in her headbands and while on the move. She was crawling without a worry and smiling for the camera :-)

Then we headed to a local park to get some shots outside...

Isabella enjoyed a quiet moment while sitting in the grass.

Alex showed us more of that handsome smile while taking a turn at the swings.

After posting a preview image on Facebook, mom paid us a great compliment:

What a wonderful compliment! Thank you!


  1. These pictures are just amazing! I literally am in tears! You have captured my children as I see them,PERFECT:) Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you Shannon -- We are so happy you like them and can't wait till you see all of them!