Monday, May 30, 2011

New floor!

We finally had a chance to put a new floor in our studio last week. George and myself, we are artists, not handymen. So it did overwhelm us a bit as we did not know where to start. We made an attempt to call someone to put the floor in for us, having no luck because everyone was busy. So we decided to tackle it ourselves because we were going to get it done one way or another! 

Two nights of hard work, back pain, and bruised knees and voilĂ !

Our new floor was in! It was not as hard as we first thought it would be. The hardest part was staggering the boards to create a random pattern. We had names for the board designs like the "alien head one," "the bullet holes, (version one and two)" and "tick marks." :0)

We put the floor to good use that weekend with a family shoot and the results were great!

On to the next project!

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