Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thinking of Spring

Welcome to the first blog post from George Lama Photography! This will be a shared effort between myself (Renee Lama) and George. We have been wanting to start a blog for a while and what better way to begin a new year!

Thinking of Spring:
I am not a snow person. I am actually counting the days until Spring begins (58 days!). 
So, in light of my desire for Spring to begin, I decided that our first post would revisit some of the beautiful insect shots George has taken during the Spring/Summer season.

George would go out "hunting" for hours and come back in and say, "Let me show you this." I would say, "No!" and run. I really did not want to know what was lurking in our backyard. (This is the same man who can see a tiny spider on a leaf 3 feet away, but cannot see crumbs on the counter right in front of him.)

George calls this one "David and Goliath." That is a young goldenrod spider carrying that ant.

An Argiope (spider). The biggest spider I have ever seen and hopefully will ever see. 
George would not let me kill it. :0)

So think Spring while you are shoveling snow. Maybe that will make it come faster.

                                                                            - Renee

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  1. The shot of the turquoise beetle is my favorite! Gorgeous color! I am quite partial to turquoise.

    As for spiders...I can appreciate their nature. As long as they stay out of my territory (ie: my house/garage) and a reasonable distance away from me, we're good. But as soon as they are in "my territory" they have relinquished their right to live!